Klein Takedown tournament

04 Nov 2018 8:26 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

Vici started off the local Folkstyle competition schedule with 20 wrestlers taking the mats at the annual season opener takedown tournament held at SKWC.  It’s always exciting to have new wrestlers compete and this weekend first time competitors Becket Kim, Paul Carpus and Khalil Muhammad all showed incredible poise on the mat, demonstrating much more maturity than first year wrestlers!  

Ava Stevens let her presence be known in striking fashion.  It took her very little time to rack up over 30 points in takedowns on 3 opponents.  She is a wrestling force with a great combination of speed, agility and strength that the competition isn’t ready for.  

Jared Remington hammered his way to a gold medal performance in his bracket.  His pace and desire to hit moves is too much for other wrestlers his size.  By the time they are thinking about the first move they want to hit, Jared is 4 steps ahead.  Jared is also one of the best teammates you can ask for.  He is constantly rooting for Vici wrestlers and making sure they have coaches.   

All of the Vici wrestlers that competed this weekend learned a lot.  Wins or losses always need to be confronted as learning opportunities and I really believe our wrestlers learned through ups and downs.   


Khalil Muhammad D1 50 lbs. 3rd place 

Vince Stevens D1 55 lbs. 1st place 

Aquilles Morales D2 52 lbs 1st place

Felix Morales D2 52 lbs 2nd place  

Torin Cook D2 55 lbs 3rd place

Aric Cook D2 70 lbs. 4th place

Keith Remington D2 105 lbs. 3rd place

Blake Foster D3 70 lbs. 5th place

Quassim Muhammad D3 75 lbs. 2nd place 

Tristan Forsman D3 80 lbs. 2nd place

Becket Kim D3 110 lbs. 2nd place

Jared Remington D3 120 lbs. 1st place 

Chris Foster D3 75 lbs. 2nd place 

Paul Carpus D4 85 lbs. 4th place 

Avery Beckman D4 142 lbs. 2nd place

Edward Galvan D5 125 lbs. 2nd place

Dillon Nichols D5 125 lbs. 3rd place 

Xavier Cook D5 275 lbs. 2nd place 

Ava Stevens Girls Novice 70 lbs. 1st place 

Briana Galvan Girls Junior 127 lbs. 1st 

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