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  • 25 Sep 2019 7:46 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    The first local tournament of the season that will offer brackets for all kid wrestlers is the Klein Takedown Tournament.  This is a great opportunity to get some much needed mat time in and it helps rookies gain a concrete understanding of scoring points with takedowns.   

     Location: Spring Klein Wrestling Club

    Date 11/2/19 

    Weigh Ins: 7:30-8:30 am 

    Register all Texas tournaments on  

  • 13 Sep 2019 10:37 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    This year we have a huge schedule that offers a lot of great competition opportunities and as much or as little of travel as you may desire. 


    ~ 4 Texas State Events

    ~ 4 National Level Events (1 in Dallas)

    ~ 13 Total Local Events

     It should be a great season with many new wrestlers putting their toe on the line for the first time!!

    The first Fight Night is September 27th

    First Takedown Tournament is October 5  at Bryan, HS

    Pre-Season Camp October 12-13

    First Local Wrestling Tournament is November 9    

  • 30 Aug 2019 2:15 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    The first tournament on the Folkstyle Schedule for the 2019-2020 Vici Wrestling competition schedule is THE FREAKSHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The dates are October 18-20 and all information can be found at 

     Last day to register October 16, 2019.  Register on  

     This is a great tournament and a lot of fun.  There are several hotels near the Westgate and Convention Center that are much more economical.  If you have any questions please email   

  • 24 May 2019 9:21 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    This is the time of the year when the best and most dedicated competitors are still training and wrestling.  The real wrestling season is actually just beginning toward the National Championship climax with "Fargo" being the Apex of competitions for our U16 and U18 athletes.  Qualificaiton at the Texas State tournament for the National Team is paramount.   

    This years state champions and state placers were

    Tristan Forsman

    Mia Cayard

    Manny Elizondo

    Caleb Mata

    Olivia Mottley

    Val Correon

    Avery Beckman

    Jayden Keesler


    Vici National Team Qualifiers

    Caleb Mata

    Olivia Mottley

    Val Correon

    Manny Elizondo

    Avery Beckman

    Mia Cayard 

  • 03 Apr 2019 2:11 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    The last week of March is always dedicated to the National Championship Folkstyle tournaments and this year Vici had several wrestlers shine!

    To start the week off, Avery Beckman became a national finalist in Oklahoma City.  Although she came up short in the finals, she represented herself incredibly well and definitely earned the respect of her peers.  Mia Cayard rattled off 4 wins on the back side of the bracket to achieve a third place finish and only lost to the eventual champ.  

    The week started on a great note, and ended even better with wrestlers making the annual trek to Virginia Beach, VA for the NHSCA national championships.  This year, Vici only brought 4 wrestlers garnering 2 All-Americans and 1 more falling the round before All-American.  Olivia Mottley put the nation on alert as she rolled to a third place finish in a very stout bracket with ranked wrestlers around every corner.  Mikayla Mata finished her high school career with an outstanding performance to garner a 4th place finish and All-American honors. 

    What a great way to culminate the Folkstyle season and move to Freestyle and Greco! 

  • 04 Mar 2019 3:29 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    Vici Wrestling had 6 wrestlers make the trip to El Paso for the state championships this year.  Although the numbers were low due to the travel time, we still had a great showing!  4 of six wrestlers placed! Not only did we have placers, but half of our placers won GOLD.  Very proud of the development of these wrestlers over the Folkstyle season and we have much more to come!


    Avery Beckman State Champion

    Ava Stevens State Champion

    Ty Annoura State Champion

    Jared Remingtion 5th Place  

  • 24 Jan 2019 12:29 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)


    What an amazing weekend of wrestling. As a club, we earned lots of medals and learned some huge lessons through wrestling.  

    I was most proud of the team during the dual team battles. Our team was severely young for the competition but our wrestlers put their foot on the line and battled with some very strong, recruited teams from across the region. I promise, our kids gained more from that experience than any other team in the building. Plus...they were still wrestling after the dual tournament was done . 

    Two wrestlers particularly shined this weekend, Aquilles Morales Fernando and Mia Cayard. 

    Aquilles was the lone vici Wrestler to go undefeated in the dual tournament and get bonus points in all of his matches. He throws, shoots, pins and does it all very fast! It always awesome watching him!  

    Mia won her bracket with zero challenge. So she wrestled two boys brackets.....and placed in both of them being severely outsized against boys that are a year older. She exhibits courage with a cheerful smile that wins over fans.  

    Back on the mat in two weeks! Get in training and let’s try and improve on our individual performances. As a team, we placed 15th of 80 team. 

    Next up; #HOT Heart of Texas in Austin. 
  • 04 Nov 2018 8:26 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    Vici started off the local Folkstyle competition schedule with 20 wrestlers taking the mats at the annual season opener takedown tournament held at SKWC.  It’s always exciting to have new wrestlers compete and this weekend first time competitors Becket Kim, Paul Carpus and Khalil Muhammad all showed incredible poise on the mat, demonstrating much more maturity than first year wrestlers!  

    Ava Stevens let her presence be known in striking fashion.  It took her very little time to rack up over 30 points in takedowns on 3 opponents.  She is a wrestling force with a great combination of speed, agility and strength that the competition isn’t ready for.  

    Jared Remington hammered his way to a gold medal performance in his bracket.  His pace and desire to hit moves is too much for other wrestlers his size.  By the time they are thinking about the first move they want to hit, Jared is 4 steps ahead.  Jared is also one of the best teammates you can ask for.  He is constantly rooting for Vici wrestlers and making sure they have coaches.   

    All of the Vici wrestlers that competed this weekend learned a lot.  Wins or losses always need to be confronted as learning opportunities and I really believe our wrestlers learned through ups and downs.   


    Khalil Muhammad D1 50 lbs. 3rd place 

    Vince Stevens D1 55 lbs. 1st place 

    Aquilles Morales D2 52 lbs 1st place

    Felix Morales D2 52 lbs 2nd place  

    Torin Cook D2 55 lbs 3rd place

    Aric Cook D2 70 lbs. 4th place

    Keith Remington D2 105 lbs. 3rd place

    Blake Foster D3 70 lbs. 5th place

    Quassim Muhammad D3 75 lbs. 2nd place 

    Tristan Forsman D3 80 lbs. 2nd place

    Becket Kim D3 110 lbs. 2nd place

    Jared Remington D3 120 lbs. 1st place 

    Chris Foster D3 75 lbs. 2nd place 

    Paul Carpus D4 85 lbs. 4th place 

    Avery Beckman D4 142 lbs. 2nd place

    Edward Galvan D5 125 lbs. 2nd place

    Dillon Nichols D5 125 lbs. 3rd place 

    Xavier Cook D5 275 lbs. 2nd place 

    Ava Stevens Girls Novice 70 lbs. 1st place 

    Briana Galvan Girls Junior 127 lbs. 1st 

  • 25 Oct 2018 8:36 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    Manny Elizondo turned in a massive performance at the Elite 170 lbs. bracket of the Freakshow in Vegas.  Fighting to a second place finish at one of the toughest pre-season tournaments in the country is a huge accomplishment.  Congrats!


    Caleb Mata rode a high powered offense through the quarter finals in a loaded 132 lbs. bracket.  Outscoring opponents  by over 30 points getting to the semi finals.  With glue-like top work and impenetrable defense, he secured a rideout victory in a triple overtime match against the reigning national champion to move to the finals.  Congrats on a huge finish at the Freakshow!


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