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  • 30 Sep 2020 2:32 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    October Schedule.docx

    The October Schedule is posted and confirmed.  Get ready for some fun!!!

  • 15 Jan 2020 2:29 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)


    Houston Nationals 

    Novice & Girls Tournament 

    111.5 points for 5th place out of 60+ teams

    Tot 41 lbs. Jacob Crosson 4th place

    Tot 44 lbs. Ashton Luna 3rd place

    Tot 52-61 lbs. Will Amonette 3rd place

    Tot 52-61 lbs. Laine Carter DNP

    D1 55 lbs. Khalil Muhammad DNP

    D1 55 lbs. Anthony Arias 1st place

    D1 65 lbs. Zeke Amonette 2nd place 

    D2 65 lbs. Leo Arias 1st place 


    Avery Beckman 3rd

    Ava Stevens 2nd 


    131.5 points for 10th of 90+teams

    Tot 44 lbs. Ashton Luna 2nd place

    Tot 48 lbs. Laine Carter 4th place 

    D1 55 lbs. Anthony Arias 5th place

    D1 60 lbs. Vince Stevens 2nd place

    D2 61 lbs. Leo Arias 4th place

    D2 92 lbs. Owen Smith 4th place 

    D3 80 lbs. Quassim Muhammad DNP

    D3 90 lbs. DJ Ince DNP

    D3 95 lbs. Keith Remington DNP

    D3 135 lbs. Jared Remington 1st place

    D4 80 lbs. Chris Foster DNP

    D4 98 lbs. Jaedyn Keesler DNP

    D4 106 lbs. Ty Annoura 3rd place 

    D4 150 lbs. Avery Beckman 5th place 

    D4 150 lbs. Caden Musa 4th place

    D4 175-200. Grant Bahnsen 4th place 

  • 13 Dec 2019 2:25 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)


    There was a lot of great competition last weekend at SKWC where Katy Area Wrestling Club hosted the Katy Classic.  With on a fraction of our wrestlers at the tournament, Vici Wrestlers performed exceptionally.   


    Tot 44-48

    Ashton Luna's place is 1st and has scored 6.0 team points.

    Tot 52-56

    William Amonette's place is 1st and has scored 18.0 team points.

    D1 55

    Conway Whiteaker's place is 6th and has scored 4.0 team points.

    D1 60

    Vince Stevens's place is 1st and has scored 25.0 team points.

    D1 60

    Anthony Arias's place is 2nd and has scored 21.0 team points.

    D1 65-72

    Ezekiel Amonette's place is 2nd and has scored 2.0 team points.

    D2 52-55

    Anthony Arias's place is 1st and has scored 22.0 team points.

    D2 65

    Leonardo Arias's place is 1st and has scored 19.5 team points.

    D3 65-70

    Leonardo Arias's place is 3rd and has scored 5.0 team points.

    D3 65-70

    Hunter Anderson's place is 4th and has scored 3.0 team points.

    D3 90

    David Ince's place is 6th and has scored 7.0 team points.

    D3 95-100

    Keith Remington's place is 1st and has scored 15.0 team points.

    D3 120-134-HWT

    Jared Remington's place is 1st and has scored 8.0 team points.

    D4 75-80

    Christopher Foster's place is 3rd and has scored 13.0 team points.

    D4 106

    Jaedyn Keesler's place is 4th and has scored 14.0 team points.

    D4 113-120

    Ty Annoura's place is 2nd and has scored 13.0 team points.

    D5 132-140

    Boaz Miller's place is 4th and has scored 4.0 team points.

    D5 150

    Grant Bahnsen's place is 5th and has scored 0.0 team points.

    D5 150

    Caden Musa's place is 2nd and has scored 10.0 team points.

    Rookie TOT 44-48-52

    Ashton Luna's place is 3rd and has scored 4.0 team points.

    Rookie D1 52

    Conway Whiteaker's place is 3rd and has scored 0.0 team points.

    Rookie D1 D1 & D2 65-72

    Ezekiel Amonette's place is 5th and has scored 0.0 team points.

  • 26 Nov 2019 1:07 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    Results from this weeks Kids tournament!

    Rise Wrestling presented the competition.

    Vici had 27 entrants and showed great improvement in all categories.   We increased our pinning and points per wrestler!  I noticed huge improvement in getting the pin.  In fact, we are pinning more than any other team in the south region.  Huge improvement and overall I saw the wrestlers having a lot of fun. In all available categories Vici lead the field.

    316 total match points

    33 techs/pins

    30 falls in 43 minutes and 19 seconds of match time.

    Individual Results ‍♂ ‍♀

    TOT 35-38-41

    Ashton Luna 2nd

    Nienna Linder 3rd

    Jacob Crosson 4th

    TOT 48-52

    Laine Carter 5th

    TOT 60

    Will Amonette 1st

    Jay Ybarro 4th

    D1 60

    Vince Stevens 1st

    Anthony Arias 3rd

    D1 65

    Zeke Amonette 2nd

    D1 80-Heavyweight

    Ayrton Linder 2nd

    D2 55-58

    Anthony Arias 2nd

    D2 61

    Vince Stevens 1st

    D2 65

    Jimmy Arias 3rd

    D2 70

    Caleb Crosson 5th

    D2 83-92

    Owen Smith 2nd

    D3 60-65

    Jimmy Arias 2nd

    D3 70

    Hunter Anderson 4th

    D3 90

    Tristan Forsman 1st

    G3 85-92

    Ava Charrish Stevens

    D4 106

    Jaedyn Keesler 2nd

    D4 162

    Caden Musa 1st

    D4 175

    Grant Bahnsen 2nd

    D5 140-158

    Boaz Miller 3rd

    Rookie Results

    Laine Lemorra Carter 2nd

    Zeke Amonette 2nd

    Ayrton Linder 1st

    Caleb Crosson 3rd

     Next tournament is December 7th with the Katy Classic at Spring Klein Wrestling Club

  • 05 Nov 2019 11:22 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    Tulsa Kickoff at the EXPO Convention Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This is the premier kids pre-season tournament.   

    Weigh in 12:30-2:00 PM November 16 

    Wrestling November 16-17 

    Ages 6 - 15  

  • 30 Oct 2019 9:03 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    The first full folkstyle tournament on the Vici Wrestling competition schedule is November 9, 2019 at the Spring Klein Wrestling Club.  The Houston Wrestling Community is lucky to have access to a room that can facilitate local tournaments for all of our young wrestlers who are ready to get their feet wet in competition.  All Vici wrestlers are encouraged to get live competition and have fun in a great atmosphere with their friends and team members. 

    Vici Coaches this weekend: Coach Tayler, Coach Chris, Coach Keith, Coach Matt, Coach Roy  

    Weigh in 7:30-8:30 AM

    Team warm up 8:45-9:05 AM 

    Coaches Meeting 9:00 AM

    Wrestling Begins 9:30 AM to Finish 

    Below is the flyer...register on trackwrestling.com


    Update 11/10/19 

    The Last Stand


    ~Jacob Crosson ~ Tot 41 lbs. ~

    Jacob showed huge signs of improvement in his second wrestling tournament ever!  He is amazingly aggressive and always has a smile..:going 2-2 on the weekend earned him a 3rd place showing!

    ~Ashton Luna ~ Tot 44 lbs. ~

    Ashton is a high energy guy...and it shows is basically everything he does.   Especially wrestling.  In his first tournament ever, Ashton marched to a second place finish showing third period dominance that is hard to find in 5 year olds.    

    ~Nienna Linder ~ Tot 44 lbs. ~

    In her debut performance, Nienna “Sister” showed poise and wrestling IQ that is incredibly mature for a 5 year old competitor.   She maintains a great attitude even though it’s quite obvious losing doesn’t sit well with her.   3rd place in her first competition is a jumping board to future brilliance!   

    ~Jay Ybarro ~ Tot HWT ~ 

    Jay is probably one of the biggest characters you can find.  He is soaking in wrestling and shows understanding...as a young Tot in the heavyweight field...Jay is learning with every match.   He placed third in his first tournament...and his demeanor and character are his greatest weapon.   Before the tournament even began, Jay lost a tooth and made sure everyone he saw knew 

    ~Anthony Arias~ D1 60 lbs.~

    Anthony bombed his way to a second place finish in what was an all Vici final.   Anthony doesn’t seem to get tired or quit which are going to be his biggest strengths.   

    ~Vince Stevens ~ D1 60 lbs.~

    Vince is a good wrestler and constantly improves his versatility.  With great position, handfighting and top wrestling Vince showed his wrestling off very well with a first place finish on the weekend.  

    ~Ezekiel Amonette~ D1 65-72 ~ Rookie 

    Zeke had a huge weekend.  He placed first in the rookie bracket and showed some heart by placing third in the open bracket.   Zeke is big, strong and athletic.  The more he developed great wrestling habits the more he will pull away from his weight class.   

    ~Ayrton Linder~ D1 Heavy ~ Rookie 

    Ayrton won both brackets.   Open and Rookie heavy weight has a new King...his name is Ayrton and the dude can wrestle!  

    ~Felix Morales~ D2 49-52 lbs~

    Felix is good.   Really good.  He spent less than three minutes on the mat this weekend and secured 3 pins.   His pin total lead the team and he also scored more team points than any other vici wrestler this weekend.   

    ~Luke Yamokoski ~ D2 49-52 lbs~ Rookie

    Luke showed immense stamina in his first tournament ever.   He made it to the finals of the open bracket battling one of his Vici teams on the championships.   He also really fought hard in the rookie bracket earning a silver medal in both brackets.  

    ~Jimmy Arias~ D2 61-65 lbs ~

    Placing third isn’t where Jimmy should be.  He has the fight of the champion and when he dials in some details he is going to smash everyone in his bracket...why?  Because he fights like a savage Wolverine.    There is no stop.   

    ~ Caleb Crosson ~ D2 70 lbs. ~ Rookie

    Caleb Crosson took second place in the rookie bracket and fourth place in the open group.   Although he took second in rookie, caleb was winning the match by 14 points before a slight mistake cost him the match.   The positive is, Caleb is smiling and competing.  Every week he understands more and more!   

    ~ Owen Smith ~ D2 100 lbs. ~ 

    Owen is a hammer.   He is really gaining confidence in competition at the same time as really showing crisp technique.   He took 1st place this weekend with very strong showing in all of his bouts.   

    ~Aquilles Morales~ D3 56-60-65~

    Aquilles wrestles up 3 weight classes and took second, losing in overtime in the finals.   He is quick and scrambles like none other.   At his own weight I don’t know who will be able to hang with him! 

    ~Hunter Anderson~ D3 75~

    Hunter fights hard in all of his matches.   Do to an unfortunate turn of events in his first match, Hunter suffered a loss that truly was his to win.   With some small skill development on top he will be too much for his opponents to handle.   

    ~Tristan Forsman ~ D3 90~ D4 98 ~

    Tristan showed excellent top wrestling to coast to the gold medal in his own age group. He also showed fight in the D4 group, battling older bigger wrestlers to a fourth place close.   

    ~Ava Stevens ~ D3 90 and Girls 80-90~

    Ava smoked the girls bracket ending with 2 falls and a first place finish.  In the Guys bracket she ended in 5th place and really showed tenacity getting a win by pin.   

    ~Chris Foster ~ D4 75-80~

    Chris continues to improve and develop his game on his feet and in finishing attack positions.   A 3rd place showing is pretty good but he is never satisfied and always asks question...that is huge and this bracket will belong go him soon!

    ~Jaedyn Keesler ~ D4 106~

    Jaedyn works super hard and when he turns it on...he can put together chains of wrestling that score lots of points.   He battled his way to a third place showing. 

    ~Avery Beckman~ D4 150 lbs ~

    As we have come to expect, Avery put a beat down on all of the girls in here bracket.   She also showed grit in a thought boys bracket ending the day in 5th place.  

    ~Grant Bahnsen ~ D4 175 lbs~

    Grant is growing into his size and always gaining perspective on his own positions.  Probably not where he wants to be in this bracket but he will mature and his fourth place finish this weekend will be a first place finish soon.  

    ~Tony Armstrong ~ D6 132-140

    Tony took second place losing in the finals to a very tough opponent.  Once Tony gets his handfight game dialed in, his quickness and athletic ability will really come into play.    The upside is huge for this sophomore. 

  • 25 Sep 2019 7:46 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    The first local tournament of the season that will offer brackets for all kid wrestlers is the Klein Takedown Tournament.  This is a great opportunity to get some much needed mat time in and it helps rookies gain a concrete understanding of scoring points with takedowns.   

     Location: Spring Klein Wrestling Club

    Date 11/2/19 

    Weigh Ins: 7:30-8:30 am

    Flyer is below 


    Register all Texas tournaments on www.trackwrestling.com  

  • 13 Sep 2019 10:37 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    This year we have a huge schedule that offers a lot of great competition opportunities and as much or as little of travel as you may desire. 


    ~ 4 Texas State Events

    ~ 4 National Level Events (1 in Dallas)

    ~ 13 Total Local Events

     It should be a great season with many new wrestlers putting their toe on the line for the first time!!

    The first Fight Night is September 27th

    First Takedown Tournament is October 5  at Bryan, HS

    Pre-Season Camp October 12-13

    First Local Wrestling Tournament is November 9    

  • 30 Aug 2019 2:15 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    The first tournament on the Folkstyle Schedule for the 2019-2020 Vici Wrestling competition schedule is THE FREAKSHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The dates are October 18-20 and all information can be found at https://www.rmnevents.com/freakshow 

     Last day to register October 16, 2019.  Register on www.trackwrestling.com  

     This is a great tournament and a lot of fun.  There are several hotels near the Westgate and Convention Center that are much more economical.  If you have any questions please email vicicoach@gmail.com.   

  • 24 May 2019 9:21 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

    This is the time of the year when the best and most dedicated competitors are still training and wrestling.  The real wrestling season is actually just beginning toward the National Championship climax with "Fargo" being the Apex of competitions for our U16 and U18 athletes.  Qualificaiton at the Texas State tournament for the National Team is paramount.   

    This years state champions and state placers were

    Tristan Forsman

    Mia Cayard

    Manny Elizondo

    Caleb Mata

    Olivia Mottley

    Val Correon

    Avery Beckman

    Jayden Keesler


    Vici National Team Qualifiers

    Caleb Mata

    Olivia Mottley

    Val Correon

    Manny Elizondo

    Avery Beckman

    Mia Cayard 

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