Vici Kids Wrestling 


Vici Titan 

Class Mission: The mission of the Vici Titan class is to promote exercise, healthy fun, physical fitness and self confidence. 

Students: Ages for this class range from 3-7 years old.  Both boys and girls are encouraged to join.  Young wrestlers learn the rules of the sport, basic techniques to apply during competition and fun, wrestling specific games to encourage continued learning in the sport.

Competition: Youth wrestlers beginning at age 4 can compete throughout the year.  The large majority of competitions for younger wrestlers occur between November and February.  There are several local tournaments on the competition schedule that Vici coaches will attend.  Rookie brackets are available at several local tournaments for wrestlers with minimal wrestling experience and all Titan wrestlers are encouraged to compete. 

Summary:  This is a very fun class lead by patient, interactive instructors who really show a high level of interest in each student.  We guarantee students will never wait in a line for their turn...All action, all of the time for the most energetic of young people. 









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