Vici Gold 

The gold standard of developmental wrestling classes and training structure.  Every class has a plan and every moment has a purpose.  Students are challenged from the beginning of the class to the end with constant action, fundamental drills, core gymnastics, technical series, sparring and live bouts. 

All-Americans, State Champions, State Placers and focused competitors make up the staple of this class.  Partners are expected to be on task and focused throughout the class, constantly adding positively to the learning environment.  The learning and training pace that are pre-established in the Gold class generally require a certain level of basic understanding before jumping into one of the most physically and mentally challenging courses available. 

Gold Physical Aptitude Test includes rope climbs, push ups, head locks and arm drag doubles. 

 Rope Climbs

 2 back to back

 Push Ups


 Head Locks (Heavy Dummy)

 6 in :30

 Arm Drag Doubles (Attacker)

 6 in :30

  • Interested students should ask the coach about testing into the Gold class.  Testing is conducted for interested students at 7:30 PM the first Monday of every month. 

Class spots usually fill up in mid September.  Once class spots are all gone, a wait list starts.  Get in early and get in often....Champions live in this class. 

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