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Suples Training Systems - Combat Sports Specific training equipment that is perfect for developing athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  Bulgarian Bags, Leather Kettle Bells, H.I.R.T.S, Dummies, Fit Ball  and everything else you need for a low impact, high intensity workout. 


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Local Folkstyle tournaments begin the first week of November and new wrestlers will need appropriate competition uniforms.  Folkstyle uniforms may be any color and can also be a rashgaurd and shorts. 

Rashgaurds and shorts or singlets are also acceptable uniforms for normal classes in the gym.

Freestyle and Greco require a red or blue singlet depending on your position in the bracket.   

The Celtic Tiger Singlet  

In honor of a man who was bigger than life and his contribution to Bay Area wrestling, CCISD and Vici Wrestling, the Tiger singlet is for purchase.  All proceeds will allow for two wrestlers to train for free annually at Vici Combat Sports.    


Rashguards and Shorts


Sweatshirts and Joggers



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