Plan, Schedule Preperation and Follow Through

24 Jan 2019 12:42 PM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

During the most intense time of the season it is important to stick to a plan that will help organize your life and lifestyle to accomplish your goals.  This is a basic equation that could help get you to that next level in 5 weeks when State Finals are upon us.   

 1. Plan - What is the event you want to peak for?  When is it?  Write it down and look at it everyday.  Know when it is, understand time is yours and it is all you have. 


2. Schedule your practice - Make sure you have a set practice and training schedule that you and your coach/family have discussed. 


3.  Follow Through - This is always the most challenging part to a success plan, follow through.  There are only 5 weeks left to the folkstyle season, have the inner strength to hold yourself to the plan!



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