Weight Management for Combat Sports

13 Sep 2018 8:59 AM | Coach Joe (Administrator)

One of the biggest attacctions of combat sports as a lifestyle for every person is the potential of weight classes and age divisions when competition becomes a reality.  As is logical, with weight classes comes the game of dropping weight classes to become more competitive.  As we sprint toward another Folkstyle wrestling season I wanted to talk about that game and how to understand it. 

At a certain age and physical aptitude, this is quite certainly a reality and must be addressed with proper nutrition, lifestyle and training.  Notice, I said, "at a certain age." 

  • Until athletes are 14-16 years old, it is really just important to train, compete, get mat time in and get used to positions, adrenaline and the natural progression of the learning model.  That is quite a lot to master and develop which leads very little time to worry about weight classes and gaming that system.  That said, lifetime habits are probably the most important to build during this age.  Refrain from consumption habits that lead to inefficient metabolisms and low nutrient foods.  In other words, this is the time of a persons life when they can be molded to prepare, eat and live healthy with whole, organic and nutritious foods. 
  • As athletes mature and their growing decreases, more emphasis can be placed on lean, strong and efficient physical models.  Such as body weight resistance exercises, high cardio output and multiple, varied high calorie burning workouts per day.  The general idea is to be living and training at or near competition weight.  By living in a very disciplined manner, endurance and mental focus increase.  There is no such thing as a "hard cut" and competition becomes more fun.  This lifestyle can't begin when season starts however, this is something that persists 12 months out of the year. 

If young combats sports athletes can develop great eating behaviors and lifestyle patterns when they are beginning their journey, the weight cut, weight certification and most importantly, competition become simple, no stress events that empower and enable as opposed to beat down and depress.   #disciplineequalsfreedom

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